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The “Pedia” mailing list has been created to form the main way of communication between teachers as well as anyone interested in Greek Education in Greece or abroad.

From this list one can get information about “Pedia” news but also exchange ideas, knowledge and opinions on educational problems and the teaching process.

The list is open to anyone who has e-mail access.

The “Pedia” group is not responsible for anything posted in the list and retains the right to prevent sending e-mail advertising messages or messages irrelevant to the subjects that interest people involved in the educational process. (teachers, students, parents etc.)

The list is served by the listproc at

To subscribe to the “Pedia” list send mail to the above address with no subject and message:

subscribe pedia

The listproc will reply soon confirming your subscription and giving you instructions on using the available commands.

At this point in order to send a message to the eexi list you have to address it to

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