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We are a fifth grade class in Sacramento, California looking for E-mail pen pals at pebblewood@aol.com We have three questions to ask you: 1. Where do you like to go on field trips? 2. What are the latest movies playing in Athens? 3. Why do the Turks and the Greeks hate each other? Thank You

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Hi! I'm a first grade teacher from Michigan (USA). Our class has created an Internet Art Museum. Would you visit it and let us know what you think?

Also, if you know of other educators or schools who would be interested in visiting our site or communicating, please give them our address.

www.glenlake.k12.mi.us *the elementary school-Mrs. Ruman e-mail: rumanm@glenlake.k12.mi.us

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Hello ! We are a team of techers from a school in the middle of Sweden. We are starting a project about alphabets in different languages. Our students are in ages 5-11.

If you are interested or now someone who is please contact me at: tarja.nevalainen@swipnet.se or ss.sodra@filipstad.se

Thank you ! Many greetings from Sweden

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We are looking for e-mail pen pals .We are pebblewood@aol.com We are a fifth grade class in Sacramento,California. We have three questions to ask you. 1. Is there a Taco Bell near your school? 2. Do you like Michael Jordan? 3. Do you have to go to school on Saturday? thank you

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My name is Penny Doten and I teach fourth grade in Yuma, Arizona in the United States. My class is currently studying about Greece and we found your Educational Web Server on the Internet.

I am interested in having my students be pen pals through the Internet with students from Greece. The ages of my students are between 9-11. I got the impression from your web site that your students might be a couple of years older. Do you think they might be interested in communicating with my students? Would you consider doing this with my class?

Please let me know your answer soon, as my students are excited to find out as much as they can about your country. Thank you in advance.


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Hi:))) We are second graders (age 7 & 8) at Lebanon Elementary School in the United States. We are making a hat "dictionary" that will include different hats from all over the world. We need your help. We are asking classes to send us (by snail-mail) a picture of a hat that represents their country, region or culture, and a brief description about the hat. We are just starting to use the Internet and we thought this would be a great way to find hats from different places. If you are willing to send us a picture of a hat (a photograph of a student wearing the hat would be great, but any picture or even a postcard is good), please email us a message at liblmsl@neca.com. Our teacher's name is Lisa Gamache. We hope you can help! We're looking forward to learning about many different places.

Miss Gamache's class Lebanon Elementary School Exeter Road Lebanon, CT 06249 USA

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Our school is on a small coral island in the Torres Straits between the Australian mainland and Papua New Guinea. We have a small air strip and a barge from the mainland once a week and now we have the Internet and wed love to keypal with some of your students. We have 59 students (Grades 1 to 7) and 4 teachers. Hope to hear from you Regards

Email adress:(( yorkeiss@c130.aone.net.au ))

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We are currently doing a multi cultural study at school. My class is representing Greece. Can you help us?

Email adress:(( Charlott@ix.netcom.com ))

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