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A Kid's View of Lexington
This is a kids' view of Lexington, Massachusetts. The authors and illustrators are the students of Mrs. Morse and Mrs. Marden's third-grade class at Bowman School. We wrote this handbook specifically for new elementary school students to Lexington.
Allied Video Corporation
An online catalog of our educational products. Allied Video produces top quality, affordable educational videos, software, and CD-ROMs in math, science, music, and sports. Our programs consistently receive excellent rating from professional reviewing organizations. Designed to provide information about our educational products, provide a method to receive feedback from customers, as well as an online ordering service.
Alpine Valley School
AVS is a K-12 Independent day school located in Metro Denver. AVS is based on freedom, equality, trust and respect. The students completely design their own education and participate in governing the school.
America's Heroes and YOU Curriculum
AMERICA'S HEROES AND YOU, a new curriculum for elementary and middle school students, focuses on the lives of eleven American heroes to foster citizenship and offer positive role models for principals, teachers and students. The curriculum highlights the achievements of heroes like Thomas Jefferson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sojourner Truth, Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King, Jr., and describes how each of their lives exemplified one heroic quality - such as courage, determination, self reliance, problem solving or self giving.
American Association of School Administrators
The American Association of School Administrators is the professional organization for over 16,000 education leaders.
American Home-School Publishing
American Home School Publishing maintains the finest catalog of Home Schooling materials available. This catalog is now available online with full color digitized photos and detailed descriptions for most of the over 1200 available resources.
American Orff-Schulwerk Association Home Page
Home page of American Orff-Schulwerk Association, anorganization of music and movement educators; includesinformation regarding Orff Schulwerk as well as links toarts education resources.
American University School of Education
The Schol of Education offers both graduat and undergraduate programs, some offering certification in the District of Columbia. Programs include undergraduat major and minor, M.A., M.A.T., and PhD in various subjects
APICNET (Asia Pacific Interactive Communication NETwork), a network for international cooperation, communication and understanding, has set up a web site offering information about its online educational projects, member schools and educational resources. It also features a page on Information about Japan for foreigners and "Global Citizen Square," where APICNET hosts WWW pages for public organizations, non-profit organizations, and groups which provide public-oriented information.
Appetizers and Lessons for Math and Reason
This online classroom offers appetizers and lessons for math from arithmetic to calculus or why slopes; for deductive reason (logic) and critical thinking; and for learning in general. Included here are opinions on the communication of skills and mathematics instruction. The logic appetizers are math free. Each appetizer is different. If one is not to your liking try another. Most are from three books on understanding and explaining math and reason.
Arrowsmith School Web Page
A private school for learning disabled students, specializing in research towards improving specific brain areas to enable the student to reach her/his full potential
Assistive Technology for Special Needs - LAB Resources
LAB Resources is a World-Wide-Web based Internet businessspecializing in assistive technology for special needs. Ourgoal is to offer the finest educational and therapeutic technology for both Macintosh and PC computers as well astraining classes on the use of that technology.
Aunt Annie's Craft Page
Featuring a new craft project every week! The emphasis of this page is on learning, creativity and problem-solving, while having the fun of doing crafts. Each craft project has a variety of designs, patterns to print, and illustrated instructions. There are links to related sites, and suggested books for further reading. Free craft software to download.
Australia's National Science
Experience a virtual tour of Questacon's hands-on exhibitions, try some fascinating activities at school or at home, solve challenges and puzzles. Learn about Questacon's programs for people of all ages across Australia and in the Asia-Pacific region to experience the fun and fascination of science - the hands-on, minds-on way!
B.C. Public School Employers' Association - BCPSEA ONLINE
The British Columbia Public School Employers Association is the employers association for all 75 public school boards in the province.
Bank Street College Home Page
BeanCounter:Network-Systems Education
A resource for Academia dedicated to internetwork knowledge
Breaking Free Association
Breaking Free Association is a library of educational andself-improvment software titles and books. From speedreading to public presentations, through improving yourmemory... you will find it all here. This is a must-visitplace for any student. We welcome you at this Web Pageat any time.
Brillar Enterprises
Brillar Enterprises is a company designed by educators for educators. As of right now we sell discount educational CD-ROM's with plans to have a blue-chip lesson plan post area in the near future.
British Columbia Teachers' Federation
Pedagogical information, especially related to English as a Second Language and Mainstreaming/Inclusion. Also current issues related to teacher bargaining in the province.
Business Education Network
Britain's largest business education network, supporting curriculum and staff development in all areas of business education and training. You can view details of high quality teaching and learning resources and down-load exemplar materials. Also details of customised training programmes, consultancy and research offered by this network.
Bytes & Pieces On-Line
Bytes & Pieces On-Line
California Education Law Report
The California Education Law Report is a monthly newsletter covering the latest cases, issues and news in the field of schools and the law. Written and published by an attorney, CELR covers California and the nation with emphasis on special education. Our home page features a review of the current issue and a collection of articles form the past year.
California Summer Language Adventure Camp
The CSLA provides Spanish language instruction in a cultural immersion outdoor environment to kids ages 8 to 13. Calistoga's Napa Valley is transformed into a Spanish Village where each activity is rooted in the cultures of Spanish speaking people. A meal becomes a visit to an open air market. A camp counselor becomes a language and cultural guide. A scavenger hunt becomes a trip of discovery on the Madrid subway.
Center for Applied Research in Education
CARE is a unit of the University of Texas engaged in applied research on school quality improvement, reform, restructuring and re-engineering. CARE publishes the International Journal: Continuous Improvement Monitor and up-to-date information on school reform programs.
Center for Education Reform
The Center for Education Reform is a national, non-profit education advocacy group providing resources, support and guidance to communities involved in school improvement across the United States. Issues include: standards and testing, accountability, governance, school finance, school choice, entrepreneurial activity and public/private partnerships, charter schools, private contracting, school board policy, state and federal education legislation, etc.
Center for Talented Youth (CTY) - JohnsHopkins Universityy
Challenger Phonics Fun by The Learning Crew
The Challenger Phonics Fun video reading program will take your child on fun adventures while teaching critically important phonics concepts. And it's fun, because The Learning Crew teaches with upbeat, original songs not just background rhythm. Whether your child is a beginning reader, or is struggling from lack of a good foundation, the Challenger Phonics Fun videos can make learning to read fun!
channel 4 schools
Listings and descriptions of educational television programmes for UK schools. Jobs for teachers.
Characteristics of a workable SCHOOL CHOICE plan - not a voucher
Common sense School Choice objectives, and links to simplified model legislation.
Children's Literature Web Guide
The Children's Literature Web Guide is a World-Wide Web directory to Internet resources for Children's and Young Adult Literature. It provides access to Children's Literature announcements and awards lists, lists of recommended books, topical bibliographies, lesson plans, the full text of out-of-copyright children's "classics," information about a wide variety of children's authors, and more.
Children's Shareware Pages
Children's Shareware for the Mac and PC - read descriptions, download directly from the pages, visit web sites with screen shots and detailed info. Also area for reviews of commercial children's software and demos.
Children's stress management tapes
This is a audio program used in schools, hospitals and by therapists which helps children change negative behaviors and offers coping skills.This program helps children develop what is called "emotional intelligence" and has been found to be effective with all children in helping them deal with upsetting situations and ways to gain self control, impulse control, delay gratification, etc.
Citizens League for Environmental Action
CLEAR is a non-profit site where educators and youth groups can get environmental educational videos and software. The videos are geared mostly to the K-12 audience. Most are public domain and are free for the asking. The site also has environmental software geared mostly to community use. These programs are highly interactive and are also free for the asking.
Clark Atlanta University
Classroom Connect
An organization providing tools to K12 educators who use the Internet in the classroom.
Columbus Connection
Special Educator's site from Rosemont School; offering The Pen Pal Exchange, Educational links for "Electronic Field Trips, and more.
Commission scolaire des Decouvreurs
This is a web created by students from Quebec, Canada.You can find articles made by students and you can get informations about all the schools in the Commission scolaire des Decouvreurs.
Council of the Great City Schools Online
A non-profit organization representing the nation's largest public school systems
Cranbury Elementary School, Norwalk, CT, USA
Cranbury Elementary School is a public elementary school in Norwalk, CT, USA with approximately 520 students in grades K-5.
CyberSchool Magazine
CyberSchool Magazine is an education resource for teachers, students and parents.
Data Projections Inc
World's largest provider of data/video projection devices. Offers dPict Infocus nview Sharp Proxima Barco Dukane Elmo
David Yates' Home Page
CV and art activity and reference resources for Primary school teachers in the UK.
Deafax - Communication and Technology for Deaf People
The aim of Deafax is to improve the communication skills of deaf and hearing people by using technology and other methods.We are a registered charity providing training in schools to enable deaf children to improve their communication and literacy.We are building a Fun Directory of children and others wishing to "chat" on the Internet about their hobbies and interests.
Dole 5 A Day Homepage
Dole's 5 A Day Website hosted by 36 fruit and vegetable characters makes eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day a fun experience for everyone. This comprehensive Website has 9 areas: 5 A Day Prgoram, CD-ROM, Nutrition Center, Fan Mail, Fun Stuff, 5 A Day at School, Newsroom, and Dole.
DynoTech Software Home Page
Windows educational games for children ages 5-12. Dino Match, Dino Numbers, and Dino Spell.
Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY)
Education Resources on the net
Offers descriptions and links to over 2000 education resources categorised by subject.
Educational Free Loan Videos (Canada Only)
Distribution of Free Loan Videos for Schools, Clubs, Businesses, Community Groups, etc. Contact for Catalogue
Electronic Games for Education in Math and Science
A collaborative effort by scientits ,educators, and professional video game and software developers who have come together to do research on and develop teaching materials that integrate video games and computer based explorations with existing classroom practices.
Engines for Education
Engines is a "hyper-book" written by Roger Schank, Director of the Institute for the Learning Sciences at Northwestern University, and Chip Cleary, a graduate student of Dr. Schank, about what's wrong with the education system, how to reform it, and especially, about the role of educational technology in that reform.
ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies/Social Science Education Home Page
The ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies/Social Science Education (ERIC/ChESS) WWW Site depicts the services of ERIC/ChESS and guides users to valuable internet resources in social studies education.
ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English, and Communication
ETNI - English Teachers Network in Israel
ETNI (once known as IETN) is run solely by teachers in the aim of using the Internet as a tool to redefine many areas of teaching and learning and create a forum through which teachers work together and think together.
Evelyn Clarke Mott : Children's Book Author and Illustrator
Children's book author and illustrator, Evelyn Clarke Mott. Fun and educational school visits, books, assembly programs, appearances, lesson plans, and writing workshop. Titles include Hot Dog, Cool Cat, Dancing Rainbows -- A Pueblo Indian Boy's Story, and Steam Train Ride.
FUN (Frizzy University Network)
Frizzy University Network (FUN) is a relaxed and comfortable environment in which students learning English as a foreign or second language (EFL/ESL) can improve their writing. FUN students explore, discover and share their ideas, opinions and feelings in written English without the pressure of working for grades or credit. Here, students are motivated from within to learn and have FUN in the process!
Gordons Entomological Home Page
An interactive site for assistance to teachers and pupils on Mini-Beasts, + Data base of relevent organisations, mostly British at the moment
A Macintosh gradebook program which has the features teachers need and is very easy to learn and use.
Grading Program for Teachers: Grade Point
Grade Point simplifies many time-consuming tasks that get in the way of teaching. Your work becomes easier and faster. Creates progress reports, summaries, checklists, rosters, phone lists, address lists, mailing labels, missing assignment summaries, flexible remedial groups, more. Translates reports to Spanish. Simple data entry. Easy data backup. Customize records and data to suit your needs. Free evaluation period with a fully-functioning copy. Toll-free ordering and customer support. Friendly price and upgrade policy.
Huntsville City School's Home Page
I compiled this list for the Huntsville City Schools in Huntsville, Alabama. It contains many educational links.
I*EARN (International Education And Resource Network)
I*EARN is a K-12 educational telecommunicationsn network linking students and teachers in over 20 countries to enable them to work on collaborative projects designed to make a difference in the health and welfare of the planet. I*EARN projects are all curriculum-based and seek to apply the learning gained in global, national and local issues.
IEA - International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement
International comparative research, assessment and monitoring (survey) of education systems: policy, processes, curriculum, outcomes (achievement, attitudes). Mathematics, science, reading, foreign languages, computers. Data, electronic publication.
IETN - Israeli English Teachers Network on Snunit
IETN is an Israeli English Teachers Network designed to provide a professional support group for teachers in Israel and help ease teachers into the world of the Internet. Many teachers from other countries also use this resource. It is found on the Snunit server of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel.
International House - International Language Centres
Major UK-based group. Britain, Ireland, France, Czech Republic, USA, etc. ESL/EFL and other language courses, RSA Cambridge TEFL training, ELT bookshop and mail-order, vacation centres, study tours, company training programmes. Recognised by the British Council. Member of ARELS.
Irwin Publishing
Canadian Educational Publisher with resources for K - 12 and Post Secondary Education. Titles include multimedia software.
JazzKids Home Page
JazzKids is a unique approach to music education for children and their parents. This page will be adding a theory section, as well as the online band!
K-12 WebSite for Busy Teachers
This site is organized by subject area and contains annotated links to direct source material sites. Designed for the K-12 educator with little time for surfing or one who is just starting Internet travels.
K-5 CyberTrail
THE K-5 CYBERTRAIL Join Syd the CyberGuide for a tour of educational resources on the Web at the K-5 CYBERTRAIL! A tutorial for elementary teachers who are new to the Internet, the K-5 CyberTrail features elementary schools on the Web on the "Tenderfoot Trail", and curriculum resources for elementary educators on the "Explorer Trail". The Web site was developed by public broadcaster WMHT of New York's Capital Region as part of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting K-12 Internet Testbed Project. Local partners include the Greater Capital Region Teacher Center, Troy Public School 14, and RPI. Point your browser at Happy trails!
KidsCom - A Communications Playground for Kids
KidsCom, a communication playground for children ages 8-12 is up and running. Kids can find key pals, get help with Internet questions from an Internet guru, talk about what they'd like to be when they grow up, explore links to other children's sites, enter sweepstakes to win prizes, and give feedback on what they'd like to see and do on the Internet. For more info, please email
KidsViews is a website for student-centered learned and thinking. The content for KidsViews (the pictures and words) is made interactively by children from all over the world. KidsViews editors are students from Monterey School, Victoria, BC, Canada. The design and construction of KidsViews is by a Victoria educator. This website is sponsored by the Extended Media Lab of the Faculty of Fine Arts at U.Vic. Creative submissions are most welcome!
La dictee progressive
La DICTEE PROGRESSIVE (livre et logiciel) est un jeu pour maitriser orthographe et grammaire. Inclus : aide, competition, progression dans les difficultes. Niveaux : primaire a secondaire (8-16 ans)
Language Tune-Up Kit At Home
Multimedia phonics reading and spelling software on CD-ROM for Windows! Uses the Orton-Gillingham method for children, adults, teens, dyslexics, and special education, illiterate, and ESL students and those with learning disabilities.
Learning Links Home Page
The only source teachers need for literature-based reading programs - books, study guides and more.  Pioneers in publishing study guides (Novel-Ties) for novels and picture books.
Leo Financial Aid Services
Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants and Awards. Free college money. L.F.A.S. is your one-stop scholarship search place with nearly 400,000 sources of financial aid to search from.
Les Etats generaux sur l'education
The province of quebec is presently conducting a large plublic debate on it's education system. The government provides this site. Includes several documents submitted by groups and individuals.
LittleFingers Software Download Corner
LittleFingers Software offers quality educational MacIntosh shareware for children of all ages - download shareware from this site!
We have an extensive collection of shareware, public domain and freeware software for education. We have programs for Apple II, Macintosh, Windows (3.1
Magazine for the education "antitetradia tis ekpaedefsis
Written by educationers coming from of scales of education in Hellas (Greece) it is the magazine that educationers read more than anything else in Greece. You can find plenty of statistic tables concerning education in Hellas. The texts are in Hellenic language but engilsh translations are on their way!
MathMedia Educational Software
High School Math software for Windows and Macintosh Full year of courseware for Geometry Algebra:Exponents, Roots and Radicals
Mother Caroline Academy
Mother Caroline Academy is a small, Catholic, all-girls school serving underprivileged families in Dorchester, Massachusetts.
Moving Images Distribution: Educational Video Catalogue
Moving Images Distribution is the largest distributor of Canadian independent productions in western Canada of educational film and video resources. This includes Documentary, drama, animation and educational programs on cross-cultural to social issues, media education to health, Canadian history to environment, native culture to fine arts.
National Atlas Information Service
The National Atlas Information Service (NAIS) ( "Gateway to Geographic Information in Canada is providing global access to a range of Canadian geographical information . With this service, researchers, students, teachers, universities, and businesses have instant access to Canadian maps and major national data bases in digital form. The National SchoolNet Atlas is a new initiative of NAIS is part of Canada's SchoolNet , a major government initiative to link 16,000 schools and over one thousand rural and aboriginal communities to the electronic highway.The NationalSchoolnet Atlas ( provides students, teachers and researchers with a tool to view and download maps of Canada, create their own maps, study hot topics/isues and access and map information from major national data bases. International participation in the development of this interactive learning tool is encouraged. OUR HOME Atlas of Canadian Communities is part of NAIS: students from over 100 schools across Canada build their own electronic atlas of Canada, describing the good and the bad things about their communities, history , geography, origin of names and maps. Our Home ( ) provides a multi-cultural crossection of urban, rural and aboriginal communities as seen through the eyes of kids that live there. The National Atlas Information Service WWW initiatives have been acclaimed by the media and Treasury Board as examples of the most useful government services available on the Internet
National Energy Foundation
NEF, one of the nation's premier nonprofit developers of energy, natural resource, and environmental education materials and programs, is pleased to make these resources more accessible to Internet users. Using the latest technologies afforded users of the Internet, NEF's Internet-version of the catalog includes full-color, high resolution images of all NEF educational materials, along with product descriptions and other information. Users who access the site can even place orders directly from the scene.
Pan-Educational Institute
Searchable database of over 500 lesson plans and other educational resources relating to K-12.
Pat's Cats
Ideas, information for a cat unit, bibliography of cat resources, student writing and pictures.
Peterson's Education Center
The Gateway to Educational and Lifelong Learning Resources
Platypus Family Playroom
techno-savvy interactive educational puzzles, activities, reading material, songs.
Prairie Valley Community School District
This is the official server site for the Prairie Valley Community School District. This site also is the official server site for the Iowa Association of School Boards, whose information is updated and maintained by the High School students at Prairie Valley.
Pre-College National Mission Programs-Software to Go
The definitive source of evaluation information for parents and educators of deaf and hard of hearing learners. Provided as a service of Pre-College National Mission Programs, Gallaudet University.
Private School Resource On-Line
A quarterly magazine on line that maintains an on-going data base of private schools
Project LEAP (Learn Earn and Prosper)
Project LEAP is America's award winning distance learning literacy program which is now being made available nationally via satellite. LEAP was recently selected "Best in Programming" by the International Distance Learning Conference and U.S. Distance Learning Association. Produced by The University of Mississippi, LEAP and SNAP (Satellite Network Alternative Program) is providing basic skills, GED, job skills and life-coping skills to a wide range of programs including literacy programs, family literacy, workplace literacy, Head Start, secondary schools, "at risk" youth and correctional institutions.
Reed Interactive
Provides resources on current affairs for the k12 community, as well as online projects, keypals, and space for schools to publish their work. Also included is a bookshop with an expanding collection of Australian authors, and first chapters from their books.
Ron MacKinnon's Teacher Resources
This page has extensive links to many useful sites for teacher resources. The sites could be helpful to teachers or education students.
Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School
A private, college preparatory school in Salt Lake City, Utah.
San Jose Education Network/East Side Union High School
SJEN is presently the nation's largest online network of public schools. SJEN is a two year old consortium of Silicon Valley businesses, San Jose City and public schools around Santa Clara County. About a dozen schools presently have a direct connection to the internet and dozens more are on the verge of being added to the network. The goal this year is to link as many surronding district servers to the county server, kept at the Occupational Center of Santa Clara County..
Sanders Compendium
History and Learning to read English with Phonics section. Also museums in northern New England.
Schersten Mathematics Consulting Services
Tom Schersten is an educational consultant on K-12 Mathematics Curriculum, doing teacher-training through residencies with demonstration teaching, graduate courses, and workshops in problem solving and manipulative approaches to teaching the concepts and skills of mathematics, consistent with the NCTM Standards.
Science and Mathematics Education Center
Programs and resources for K-12 science and mathematics teachers. Primarily intended for teachers in North Carolina. On-line workshops will be offered soon. schools in Italy
The new always changing and evolving site for the Italian High Schools! Come and visit us.
SofTech Multimedia, Inc.
Musical Education software using multimedia.
Southeastern Regional Education Service Center (SERESC)
We are a non-profit k-12 education collaborative serving schools, students, educators and families in New Hampshire. Our Web site features information about education issues, our newsletters and current projects plus links to more than 40 *student-safe* sites on the Web. These links are categorized as Education, Government, Grant Information, Museums, Libraries and Miscellaneous.
Southwest Educational Development Laboratory
Repository of K-12 educational reform resources and related links with national network of regional educational laboratories and government education agencies in the U.S.
structural elements
A series of gifs showing nature's structural elements, all of which have internodal lengths being proportional to the three relative elemental lengths of unity,square root of 2 and Tau (((square root of 5) + 1)/ 2).
Study Guides International
We sell Study Guides covering areas of Language Arts, Math, Foriegn Languages, Science, First Aid. Each Study Guide contains hundreds of rules, examples, and definitions.
TEAMS Distance Learning
Our purpose is to support and enhance K-12 instruction by providing Internet information, educational resources, and collaborative projects that foster authentic research in the classroom.
Technology and Learning Online
Technology and Learning Online is the WWW meeting place for educators and parents interested in educational technology. The site features a comprehensive, easily searchable database of educational software reviews, online course registration with conferencing, information about the Magazine's current issue, a calendar of upcoming events and more.
THA Media Distributors: Educational Video Catalogue
THA Media has developed a excellent educational resource this site is for educators to search their extensive educational video catalogue. THA has Educational Video Resources for all ages including Documentaries on Global, Environmental,
The ASCD Web
The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) Provides staff development, informational materials for teachers and administrators. Main journal is "Educational Leadership" Online newsletter - Education Bulletin World-wide Affiliates. Main emphasis - K-12
The Critical Thinking Community
Critical Thinking Community promotes interdisciplinary educational reform. Central to its books, conferences, assessment systems tools, and workshops is the promotion of quality reasoning, writing, and reading for K-12 and Universities.
The Draw Squad
Teach your students how to draw in 3-D the fun and creative way using 44 video lessons. The lessons are based on the book titled "Mark Kistler's Draw Squad" and on the popular public TV series called "The Secret City Adventures" from the mid 1980's.
The Educational Cyber Shop
A searchable database of educational software.
The Electronic School
The Electronic School is a publication for all K-12 schoolleaders and educators who are striving to enhance studentlearning through the judicious and appropriate use oftechnology.
The Environmental Education Network
The Environmental Education Network is a clearinghouse of all environmental education materials available on the Internet. This system is maintained by the EnviroLink Network in a joint partnership with the H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management.
The Journal of Mind and Behavior
I have a new URL that the WWW Virtual Library: Education will be interested in including a pointer to under Journals: The Journal of Mind and Behavior Description: The Journal of Mind and Behavior is an educational and professional journal dedicated to the interdisciplinary approach within psychology and related fields - building upon the assumption of a unified science. JMB is interested in: the psychology, philosophy, and sociology of experimentation and the scientific method; the relationship between methodology, operationism, and theory construction; the mind/body problem in the social sciences, psychiatry and the medical sciences, and the physical sciences; philosophical impact of a mind/body epistemology upon psychology and its theories of consciousness; phenomenological, teleological, existential, and introspective reports relevant to psychology, psychosical methodology, and social philosophy; and historical perspecives on the course and nature of psychological science. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. David Allie Liaison for Computer Technology The Journal of Mind and Behavior
The Learning Oasis
The purpose of the Learning Oasis web site is to provide K-12 students and teachers with some of the best educational resources available on the internet. The Learning Oasis also serves the technical and sales needs of Pierian Spring Software customers.
An interactive and WWW-based 'Ask A Scientist' interface. The network is staffed and run by the students, faculty and staff at Washington University and Washington University Medical School in St. Louis. Questions may be submitted via email or directly through the WWW.
The NoodleHead Network
The NoodleHead Network is an award winning company based in Burlington, Vermont. We produce, market, and distribute children's educational videotapes from a child's perspective. Our goal is to give kids a voice by helping them make videos on issues that are important to them. Kid's play an integral role in the creation of each tape- from script development, to acting, to editing. Then, a group of "ex-kid" writers, producers and educators translate those ideas into unique videos that educate and inspire.
The Oryx Press
The Oryx Press, a Phoenix-based information publisher, in conjunction with the American Council on Education (ACE), offers a wide variety of faculty, administration, and library resources for the higher education market, as well as teacher, media specialist, and school librarian resources for the K-12 curriculum. The ACE/Oryx Series on Higher Education catalog is available on the Web site, supplemented with author biographies and reviews.
The Special Needs Education Network Home Page
The Special Needs Education Network is a SchoolNetservice providing Internet resources to parents, teachers,and organizations involved in special needs education.Available resources include Gopher, Mailing Lists, and acomprehensive World Wide Web Resources directory.
The Virtual English Language Center
The Virtual English Language Center is an online resource for students and teachers of English as a second or foreign language. We currently offer The Weekly Idiom, Fluency Through Fables, and the E-mail Pen Pal Connection.
The Young Scientist Program
The Young Scientist Program is a program dedicated to increasing the science awareness and literacy of area K12 students. The program is staffed and run by graduate and medical students at Washington Univerity Medical School in St. Louis. Projects include a summer research internship for students, one-on-one tutoring, and 'teaching teams' of students who go to local high schools to give interactive science demonstrations.
The Zooary
The Zooary is a zoological resource for teachers and students. It was created January 1996 and is maintained by a high school biology teacher and her ecology students. It provides information and pictures on the 50+ animals her the classroom zoo the Zooary. It also provides teachers with activities usian animals,information on zoological careers, guides on how to maintian animals in the classroom and Jr Zoologist Quiz and other links of interest to teachers. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the students maintaining the pages
Thompson (Way Cool) Middle School
A site for the parents, students, and staff of Thompson Middle School. Photos, bulletins, and general information - everything you need to know about Thompson.
ToonaCat's Kids Club
A Kids/Fun/Educational interactive site with the emphasis on kids' active participation in creativity--art, writing, opinions, homepages and more! Geared towards elementary grades, of note to teachers, is an on-line story map to help teach short story structure.
Tossed Salad Productions
HEALTHY HERB, the "watermelon" wacky "eggplant" ambassador of children's fitness and "nutmeg" nutrition, downloadable coloring pages, cartoons, story book, video clips, virtual health playground, interactive games
Total Reading
Publisher of books and other materials for teaching reading/language arts in the Primary Grades, K-4. Also hold workshops.
U.S. Department of Education
Unmixed Messages - Strategies for Equitable Science Education
An hands-on science activity resource for teachers of elementary school children. The publication contains a series of activities as well as a section on specific teaching strategies.
US Geological Survey - Education
Vikings resources on the web
Links to loads of educational resources related to Viking history and culture, maintained by The World of the Vikings Project
Web Sites and Resources for K-6
A collection of sites useful to K-6 teachers and kids with a focus on different curriculum areas.
Welcome to is International Thomson Publishing's (ITP) mega-information kiosk providing immediate access to the vast array of learning-related products and services from the ITP family of publishers, including many well-known imprints. Extensive Web or Gopher site includes searchable database of more than 20,000 education, scientific, reference, engineering, technical and business products (growing all the time), as well as discipline-specific resource centers, electronic discussion lists, and on-line supplements to products.
Western Australian Education site for teachers
This site is intended to provide teachers/educators with information/resources on educational issues in W.A. It also contains links to national and international educational resources.
World Wide Kids
World Wide Kids is a program designed for elementary/middle school students. The purpose of the program is to give kids a positive directed way to learn about the internet, US History, geography, and increase reading comprehension. Played like a game, World Wide Kids gives kids additional incentive to learn by giving away prizes in our monthly savings bond drawing. Great resource for teachers new to the net and looking for a way to give their kids a fun way to learn.
Yaroslavl State University
This is WWW server of Yaroslavl State University. University's home page is written in Russian.
Youth Change Web Site
See and get powerful interventions to turnaround troubled youth.
Youth In Action Network
An environmental and human rights action center for students, teachers and organizations. It offers interactive petitions, surveys, fundraising and lobbying, with links to hundreds of media and government contacts around the world.



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