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The web is a book lover's delight. Many pages are devoted to writers and their books. For a complete guide to children's and young adult literature, the Children's Literature Web is the place to find almost everything related to reading.

Take a trip to the Public Library without leaving your chair! Sounds impossible? It's not, now that the Internet Public Library Youth Division is online. You can Discuss Books with Bookie the Bookworm or participate in Story Hour and bring along a younger brother or sister who is just venturing out onto the internet.

You never know what you may find just browsing around, and with Great Family Read Alouds you select what interests you the most. You can also view some recent award winning chapters of selected Newbery Books. To find out what other kids are reading, you can see the hottest list in publishing--the Bestselling Children's Books from Publishers' Weekly covers what's hip, and what's not.

To really escape, take a stroll over to Pooh Corner or spend an afternoon with Anne of Green Gables. Also, watch for the Lorax lurking on the Dr. Seuss Home Page.

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What will the future hold? Take a glimpse into some of the possibilities by exploring the latest Science and Technology of today, and by investigating tomorrow's world through science fiction.

Books, books, and more books covering everything from virtual reality to alien mutants can be found at the Speculative Fiction Clearinghouse.

Pluto is the farthest planet from the sun, but it's just a click away on the internet. For cool photos and scientific info about NASA's missions to Pluto, see the Pluto Express. Also, each upcoming shuttle mission is covered in detail at the NASA Shuttle Web. It is truly an amazing place--countdown with mission control, view up-to-the-minute satellite photos, and even e-mail some astronauts. This is a MUST SEE site for all space voyagers.

What space voyage would be complete without Star Trek? Go where "no one has gone before" and warp on over the Star Trek Page. This has just about EVERYTHING related to Classic Trek, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and the movies--all you have to do is dock your spaceship here and start the adventure.
Other Space links are available all over the known cyberspace universe. Check here for a list of new sites recently added to the web:
The Earth and Universe Page includes a multimedia presentation of stars and galaxies. Also, check out the on-line robotic telescope.
Space Image Libraries has amazing, out-of-this-world photos.

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Global Schoolhouse
Washington DC Tourist Map
Roger Wagner Publishing's HyperStudio Site
Teacher's Stuff
OCM BOCES: NY State Frameworks
Discovery Channel Online
Doc's Education Resource Pages
Eric's Education Resource Home Page!
Living Schoolbook Homepage
Science and the Environment - A Learning Tool
The Smithsonian Institution Home Page
Computer Curriculum Corporation
Scholastic's Internet Center
National Parent Information Network

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Greek Libraries

Ptolemeos II Library System (Triton) :
Ptolemeos II Library System (Amaltheia) :
University of the Aegean Library, Mytilene
University of the Aegean Library, Chios
University of the Aegean Library, Samos
Mediterranean Agronomic Institute, Chania
Technical Univ. of Crete, Chania
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
University of Macedonia
Panteion University, Athens
Gopher Servers

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FORTHnet, FOundation for Research and Technology Hellas - Institute of Computer Science
University Of Crete Computer Science Department, Heraclion
University Of Crete Computer Center
ARIADNE - Hellenic News Database
ARIADNE - Hellenic Civilization Database
University of the Aegean, Central Library, Mytilene
CIHEAM - International Centre of Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies
Technical University of Crete - Library
Integrated Information Systems

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