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"Letter to an English person concerning the marbles of the Parthenon."

Dear friend, Some time ago, my classmates, our teacher and I visited the Acropolis. I noticed there were parts of the ancient temples missing. Our teacher told us that you have taken a lot of them. Can you imagine how bad it would feel if we stole them from you? Would you like that? Well, I don't like it at all! That's why I want them to be returned to us. After all, here is where they belong, not there! So, what do you say? Will you give them back to us? If I were you, I would and if I felt like seeing them again, I would visit Greece. I want you to know that I will be waiting for an answer. Roberto.

Dear Englishman, I'm a pupil of the 26th Primary School in Piraeus. As you probably already know, Lord Elgin took some of the "ornaments" of our city years ago. Maybe you don't know or remember what exactly happened, but I will remind you! He was given permission to make copies, but he ended up stealing them. This is the reason why I'm writing to you. These masterpieces that can now be found in the British Museum, have to come back to their country, where they were created and where they belong. How would you like it if we took the Big Ben or Saint Paul away from you? So, because of the fact that we would like our "ornaments" back, I thought that I could make you a little more sensitive, hoping that we will be able to get our sculptures back in order to restore the Parthenon and the Acropolis in general. A work of art that was built with hard work! Agapi Fatsis.

Dear Mr. Smith, My name's Magda Kormos and I'm a pupil of the 6th grade of primary school. Yesterday our teachers showed us some slides of the Parthenon and the Acropolis. So, we learnt that during the years of the foreign occupation an Englishman called Lord Elgin, took the marbles of the Parthenon to England. Today, we all know that the marbles of the Parthenon are in the British Museum in England. Isn't it a pity that those marbles which aren't yours, are in England and not in Greece? So, we're asking you to give us back our marbles because they're Greek and they have to return to their "natural" environment. It's very important to us, as they are part of our cultural heritage from our ancient ancestors to both Greece and its people.

Sincerely yours, Magda Kormos.

8/2/98 Elina Potiris.


I am a ten year old girl that I love everybody all over the world and especially my country. This means that I certainly love you and your country. Something unfair has happened many years ago and this has made me furious as a Greek girl. I am sure that you are aware of all these I am going to say. An Englishman named Lord Elgin, eminent diplomat, had taken away from my country many statues especially from the Parthenon. For instance a statue of the Kariatides is in England and not exhibited here in Greece among the others; the same has happened to the statue of the god Dionisos. I have a question for you. Why are you so proud exhibiting these masterpieces to your museum? Do you think you have got to say anything about all these? The only thing you can be proud of is their beauty. We have been trying to convince you for many years now that these marbles must get back to where they belong. Many people have been fighting for this; famous ones like Melina Merkouri who died so quickly without fulfilling her purpose to have the "Elgin marbles" returned to Greece. But this doesn't mean that we the younger ones will stop fighting. On the contrary we will go on because we fight for our rights. I'm having one more question: Woyld you like it if someone came to your house and stole the most beautiful thing? I think the answer is no. I wonder: Why did you come to our home and commit this disgusting action? Please answer me honestly and return to us the pieces of our history. Thank you for reading my letter and for giving some of your precious time to me, a young in age but great in heart Greek girl.

5/2/98 Sotiris Panagopoulos.

The Acropolis is the main historical monument of Greece. Big Ben is a monument in London. Would you like it if someone stole it from your country? Nevertheless all these marbles which you have stolen from Acropolis have no value in England but in Greece, where they were made, are necessary! So, we ask you to give back what you have taken from Acropolis.

Monday 9th February 1998. Spiros Efstathiou.

Hello my English friend! I'm writing this letter to inform you about some things you may not know. Many years ago an English diplomat called Lord Elgin was a collector of ancient monuments. Managing to deceive many people he was able to get many statues away from Parthenon. Today all these are in the British Museum. It is possible you have been there! All these statues were constructed by Greek artists many years ago and they certainly belong to Greece. I am sure that British people have many valuable works of art which you can exhibit with pride. We, the Greeks, are very bothered that all these valuable statues are in your country. Would you like it if someone has stolen a piece of art you are proud of? I think that each country must be proud of its works of art not another's country works of art. We are taught in our school that we must not steal anything from another country. I hope that you have already regretted what Lord Elgin did. I hope that you want to be forgiven and the perfect way to be forgiven is to return the marbles of Parthenon. This is a nice act and I think that you will feel better and you will gain our admiration for such an action. In this way it could be possible to come to Acropolis and admire the whole work of art as the ancient Greek made it.

Monday 9th February 1998. George Manolopoulos.

Dear sir I would like to request the return of the marbles of Parthenon in my country. All these were taken away by Lord Elgin who left bare the Parthenon Erehthio and the temple of Apteros Niki. All these that Fidias had once made are nowadays in the British Museum. All these outstanding statues, statues that are not yours, stand where they shouldn't. Their return is necessary because they are part of ancient Greece. You, the British supposed to be civilized, must know and understand that it is not right to keep things which aren't yours. It certainly doesn't make you proud to have in your museums statues that have no relation with your history and civilization. It is not moral to take advantage my ancestors' art. I strongly believe I will soon get the answer I wish. It would be perfect timing to have back all these marbles when the Olympic Games take place in Greece in 2004. All the Greek souls will be lightened up and filled with the joy and pride of the ancient spirit if we get our inheritance back.


I write to an Englishman about the necessity of the return of the marbles of Parthenon.

Dear Englishman It is necessary to have the marbles of Parthenon returned to our country because they are a historical monument for all Greek people. These are the stolen marbles, the marbles you took away from Parthenon when we were in war against the Turks. We demand them back! Would you react if we tried to steal Big Ben?

To an Englishman.

11-2-98 George Zarkadoulas

Dear English classmates

I send you this letter to explain to you why we should get Kariatides and the marbles of Parthenon back. There are many reasons and I am writing some of them. First of all Acropolis is our historical symbol. England has Big Ben as its symbol. The Greeks have Acropolis. What would you do if someone tried to steal Big Ben? For this reason we request the return of the marbles back to their mother earth, back to Greece.

Tuesday 10th February 1998

Dear friend

Hi! I am a Greek girl and I'm writing to remind you that you have taken something that belongs us! ( Of course not you but your great Lord Elgin! ) Each country has its own symbol; France has got the Eiffel Tower, Greece has got the Acropolis. The Parthenon is the main temple there. Lord Elgin wanted to copy the marbles inside the Parthenon but instead of this he stole these marbles! I think many times that as we are both members of the European Economic Community we should be friends and we shouldn't steal each other's property. It is too easy for us to steal Big Ben; what is difficult is to be friends and in peace, to be a loving family. Well, would you give us back our marbles?

Yours faithfully, Stavroula Mardakis.


As we all know, Greece from the ancient times has been the country of Arts and Creativity.This can be easily understood by the wonderful works of the ĎGolden Ageí of Pericles.Itís worth mentioning that this era was the most perfect and creative one.All this time, many great works of Art were created.One of those was the Parthenon,an everlasting monument, which shows the ingenuity and thecompetence of the people of that time. At the beginning of the 19th century, the Count Thomas Elgin, British Ambassador at that time, was offered to take and Ďprotectí the monuments from possible destruction from the Turks and French.He removed them to the British Museum.The Greek people, as a matter of course, required the return of these pieces of Art.Unfortunately, this important part of our cultural inheritance has never been returned to us. The right thing is the marbles to come back to our country, because they have been created in Greece and itís their homeland.They are a part of our history and this is the reason we fight for them.

Greece is the only coyntry in the world which has the greatest history.Our country is famous for its historic temples and sightseeing.One historic temple is the Parthenon which has been built on the highest place of the Athens Acropolis. The chief architect of the temple,Iktinos,and his assistant Kallikrates,designed the ambitious project of Pericles,which was the temple of the godness Athena.The main oversight of the temple was completed by the great sculptor Rhideas.The suffered from many attacks and acts of vandalism.When the Turks had occupied Greece,a Sultan sold. illegaly,marbles,sculptures and statues from the Parthenon ,to a British,named Lord Elgin.All these were taken to the British Museum in London.They are called the Elgin Marbles and they compose one of the most envinent excibits worldwide. The Greek people have tried to right this injustice and the issue of returning the marbles,which,we Geeks,call the Parthenon Marbles,was officialy brought up for discussion. The first who took steps to this direction was the Greek Minister of Civilization,Melina Merkouri,in 1981. These monuments should be returned to Greece and to the Parthenon,where they belong.

I?m writing this letter because I want to express the dissapointment which exists in Greece because we have been deprived of those fabulous monuments of the Parthenon for many years. I?m sorry for being bitter but it?s not right to keep these worthseeing monuments of the Parthenon from us. I believe that very soon,the marbles will be back to the place they belong.

I believe that the marbles should be returned to Greece and especially to the Parthenon,because they belong here. These marbles were stolen from Greece during the Turkish domination,by lord Elgin.So everybody understands that instead of being exposed at the British Museum,they should be in the Museum of Acropolis. These marbles are representatives of the ancient Greek civilization.So,they aren?t related to England.I believe that it?s legally and morally right the marbles to be returned to their homeland.

The acropolis of Athens is a hill where the most brilliant works of the ancient Greek architecture exist: PROPYLEA,PARTHENON,ERECHTHEUM. The Acropolis monuments are decorated with works of the most famous ancient Greek sculptors and they form the models of artistic decoration through centouries. Acropolis is the sacred Rock and a byword for Athens and Greece in general for me the Acropolis is a piece of our country?s History and a part of my soul.I?m a greek girl and I demand the marbles to be returned to the parthenon, the place where they were created.


Dear Thomas

My name is Kiki Alexandri and i am a pupil of a Greek Elementary School, at the sixth grade. I am writing a few words about something we were told at school and made me feel sorry. During our visit to the Acropolis of Athens,we were told that many sculpturen were taken from the Parthenon and from the Temple of the Wingles Victory. These sculptures are now in the British Museum and they are known as the Elgin Marbles The sculptor Phideas created these masterpieces along with Iktinos and Kallikrates. Unfortunately, instead of being in their homeland, where they are in great historic and cultural value they are in your country. That is why we Greek children, give our hand to you and beg you to think reasonable and return these treasures to the place they belong.

Sincerely yours KIKI.

I Ď m writing this letter because I want to express the necessity of returning to the marbles of the Parthenon to our coutry. I guess that you wouldnít like us to take from England something worth seeing. Many years passed and we were deprived of these important pieces of Art which are a symbly for Greece. The only thing we want from you is to return the marbles to our country. Iím writing this letter because my love for Greece is very deep. Thank you Fay

Greek civilization has a very big inheritance.At Pericles time,many great works of Art were made,like the Parthenon,which is on the Acropolis of Athens.Some of those masterpieces,which were made at that time,are sared up to that day.But there are some others,which lord Elgin carried to England with permission of the false promise that he would make copies of them and return them back.He never kept his his promises and the original monuments weren?t returned to Greece.During the trasportation of the monuments many of them broke and were damaged.Since then, this precious inheritance is in your museums.Our government made all possible efforts for the return of the marbles but they were fruitless. The Acropolis of Athens is the symbol of our civilization and it?s very important to us. So,we beg you,for one more time to return to us our monuments,because we want to have them back at the place they were created and they really belong.

As we all know,Greece,from the ancient times has been the country of Arts and Creativity.This can be easily understood by the wonderful works of Art of the ęGolden AgeĽof Pericles.Itís worth mentioning that this area was the most perfect and crea- tive one.At this time,many great works of Art were created. One of those was the Parthenon,an everlasting monument, which shows the ingenuity and the competence of the people of that time. At the beginning of the 19th century,the Count Thomas Elgin, British Ambassador at that time,was offered to take and ęprotectĽthe monuments from possible destruction from the Turks and the French.He removed them to the British Museum The Greek people,as a matter of course,required the return of these pieces of Art.Unfortunately,this important part of our cultural inheritance has never been returned to us.The right thing is the marbles to come back to our country,because they have been created in Greece and itís their homeland.They are a part of our history and this is the reason we fight for them.

Dear Mr Brown, Iím a pupil of a Greek Elementary School iíd like to remind you that in your country,you keep something that doesnít belong to you.Iím talking about the Marbles of the Parthenon. I think, itís not fair to keep something that is very precious to us.The Temple of the Parthenon was made by the Greek archi-tects Iktinos and Kallikrates.On these marbles,the birth of the Greek goders Athena and Poseidon is carred in relief . When the English Ambassador Elgin visited Greece, took the most fabulous sculptures and carried them at the British Museum .This is called Ďítheftíí. These masterpieces should be returned to Greece, as soon as possible.You donít hare the right to keep them. Friendly Xenia.


To the queen of England Elisabeth, the British government, the British Council and all the English people.


I am a Greek pupil of the fourth class of the elementary school and I am writing this letter to you to talk to you about the well-known affair of the return of the marbles of the Parthenon that are found illegally in your possession. Some people call these marbles, marbles of Elgin but their right name would be marbles of Parthenon. During the occupation of Greece by the Turks, lord Elgin tried to copy these remarkable marbles but, of course, he didnít make it. Then he stole them and he destroyed them by cutting them. Me, as a Greek, I demand that those marbles should be returned to the place where they were created and just like all Greek people, I demand that they should be placed in the Greek museum and not in the British one because they belong where Phidias created them 2.500 years ago and placed them in Parthenon, in Athens, a token of exceptional art. The ancient Greek art belongs, of course, to all the people but they should admire it in the place where it was born. Iíve heard that the English claim that we canít take care of them, but the descendants of Socrates, of Plato, of Aristotleís, of Dimocritos, of Periclis, of Phidias, of Iktinos, of Kalikratis, of people who created the bases of the civilization of today and had made such remarkable tokens of the art, know how to take care of them because they love them. I am positive that the marbles of Parthenon should be returned in Athens. I consider it as an obligation to Melina Mercuri who has started this important struggle. We owe it to "the last Greek goddess" as she was referred to by the international press when she died four years ago.

Thank you Helen Gila.

Parthenon is the most representative work that was constructed in Athens during the "golden century" of Per5iclis, which means the 5th century BC. Itís well-known to all over the world. A lot of people saw it, envied it and deprived us from things that belong to us. One of these things are the marbles of Parthenon. For years weí ve been trying to bring them back to the place where they belong. Thatís why we decided, us, the children of the fourth class of the elementary school, to write these letters in order to touch the hearts of the people so as to give us back these marbles that belong to us. Please, when you receive our letters, donít forget to read them.

Damigou Evagelia

I think that these marbles should be returned because they were born here and here is where they should remain. Suppose that we had stolen Big Ben. How would you feel?. So please think about what you have doneÖ Because these marbles belong to Greece and their real name is marbles of the Parthenon and not marbles of Elgin.

Catherine Tsakalou.

Dear friend,

I go to the fourth class of the elementary school and I am writing this letter to you to remind you of something very important that is found in England instead of being in Greece : the marbles of Parthenon. I will talk to you shortly about the history of the monuments of Acropolis. When the citizens of Athens decided to decorate Acropolis, the architect Phidias made a statue of goddess Athina made of gold and ivory. This statue placed in Parthenon, one of the most exceptional buildings, a work of Iktinos and Kalikratis, built at the 5th century bc. This work belong to the "classic era", which is why it is considered to be perfect and majestic. Parthenon with itís metopes, itís friezes, and itís pediments where are represented scenes of the battle of the centaurs, of the pomp of Panathinea and of the birth of goddess Athina, is the only building that is made of authentic marble. But in 1800, the English lord Elgin came to Greece, saw the marbles of Parthenon and was impressed by them. After that he went to the Turks and he was given the permission by them. After that he went to the Turks and he was given the permission to copy them but instead he stole them. He thought that if he had transportation to London the marble suffered serious damages. After having arrived in England, they have been placed into small basements and there they were transported in the British museum. Today Greek people feel that they are deprived of their inheritance and they demand that the marbles of Parthenon should come back. Some Greek people who have the prosperity to go to England went to the British museum and saw them. But what about the rest of the Greek? I would like you to tell me whether you agree or not with Elginís action. How you would you feel if one of your monuments hadnít been in your country? I Bet you would feel pain and sorrow, exactly as we do now. I wish the marbles came back, to Greece where they belong.

Take care.!

Friendly Zefi Kallinikou.

As far as we all know, an English, Elgin has stolen the marbles of Parthenon, which are the most characteristic token of the Greek art. Since then the marbles that Elgin has stolen, are called marbles of Elgin. That is why we decided to send these letters in order to take back the marbles of Parthenon And I am sure that if a Greek had stolen Big Ben, you would have had the same pain as we do now. Some of the marbles that were stolen are damaged because of the transportation, which is why we want the marbles of Parthenon back. Helen Psari

Dear Thomas,

My name is Alexander and I am writing this letter to you to talk to you about the "marbles of Elgin". Greece , just like your country, has historical and civilization treasures that characterize itís history and itís civilization. During a visit of mine to the temple of Parthenon and to Acropolis, Iíve heard that an English diplomat whose name was Elgin, has stolen precious marbles, statues and other objects of a huge historical and civilization value and later he sold them to the English state. Although a lot of years passed since then and in sprite of all the tries of the Greek governments, the English state never did return the marbles of Elgin to Greece. Since I believe that us, the children, have, often more sensitivity than the grown-ups, I ask from you and all your friends to sympathize with me and all the Greek children who would like to press your government to return the archeological treasures where they belong, to the country that born them, the country where we live, Greece.

One of the hundreds of Greek children that wait for the return of the marbles.


Dear friend, Hello

I am writing this letter to you because I believe that all people should live happily and peacefully and that should resolve their differences by happily and discussing. I live in Greece and I am proud of it. My country has a very famous history that cause surprise and admiration to all the people of the world. Our famous history charges us with a lot of obligations and duties. Our first obligation it to maintain our splendid national inheritance. The Acropolis of Athens is visited by thousands of people from all over the world. They come in order to admire the Parthenon that was built based on plans by Phidias and Kallikratis, the temple of Athina, the Caryatids, the Erehthio and all the others sculptures placed in the museums of our country. But lord Elgin of England has stolen most of the sculptures of Parthenon, a column and a Caryatid from Erehthio and transported them to the archeological museum in 1801. These sculptures are named after Elgin and they called "marbles of Elgin". Elgin was accused for his action by thousands of famous people from all over the world. I believe that itís unfair that the marbles of Parthenon arenít found in Greece. They belong to Greece and thatís where they should be., which is why we want them back. Itís every Greekís duty to take care of it. All these wonderful masterpieces of our descendants should be in Acropolis where the belong.

Avgerinou Iliana.


I am a young Greek girl who goes to the fourth class of the elementary school. A few days ago my schoolmates and I, we visited Acropolis and we admired the masterpieces of the Classic era that are found in the temples and in the museum of Acropolis. But I was upset when I heard that a lot of the pieces that arenít in the frieze of Parthenon are today in the British museum. I think that the works of our descendants should be in the place where they were created, which is why I would like to ask from you to return to us the marbles of Parthenon.

Victoria Kumela.

Dear minister,

I am writing this letter to you to talk to you about the marbles of Parthenon that are found in the British museum. ALL Greek people demand that the marbles of Parthenon should be returned because these marbles are sacred to us just like Big Ben is to you. I hope that you return these marbles to us so that Parthenon will be completed.

Helen Pantazopoulou.

Chapter II

Dear pal from England.

My name is Evelina Papadimitriou and I would like to inform you about the necessity of the return of the Parthenon marbles. You may not understand what Iím saying but Iíll make an attempt to explain. Picture the Greek antiquity when our ancestors built the Acropolis honor their goddess Athena. Without our modern equipment, they built this extraordinary achievement. Plenty of people disrespected the toil and the attainment of the ancient Greeks, such as Persians, Turks and Lord Elgin with his collaborators, who stole their linnets compilation of marbles and statues, and carried them abroad. I hope you have understood what these marbles, and statues mean to us. Thatís why we ask you to return these precious treasures.

With respect Elina Papadimitriou.

Dear pal from England,

Iím writing to you from Greece, Iím a Greek boy and I would like to request that bath the English people and the British government should send the marbles of Parthenon back to Greece. The sale return of the marbles to our country is necessity, because they mean to us a great deal more than they mean to you. Thatís why I kindly ask you to take this request, not to say demand, into consideration. The whole of the Greek population is of the same opinion.

With respect Vasilis Tsigrimanis.

Dear pal from England , hello?

I Ďm writing this letter, because when our teachers took us to Acropolis, we found out that many ancient statues were missing. One Karyatis out of six in the Erehthio is in England a long with the marbles of Parthenon and many other monuments. Although we love you, we were very sad to listen to our teacher saying with grief that it isnít nice to take away to foreign lands that which was created with so much love, devotion and strife by a nationís forefathers for all the world to see and admire. Surely you must have heard at school that my ancient ancestors have taught the whole world democracy and philosophy.

I kindly ask you to try to convince your government to send our ancient ruins back where they belong because I Believe that you wouldnít like us to take Big Ben away from England or something else precious from Buckingham Palace. These are your national heritage and when I grow up will travel to England to see them so wouldnít it be nicer for you to travel to my country to see ours? Thank you for heading my letter and when you came to Greece to see our antiquities you will understand me.

George Ovules.

Dear pal from England,

Every country in the world has its own monuments. We Greeks have the Parthenon, but some of its most important marble statues are now in the British museum. The fact that I am a Greek student makes me interested in these monuments, so that I kind request that they should be brought back to where they belong to and that place is Athens. For us these marbles are sacred. I imagine that none would ever like to see his national heritage lying elsewhere, in a foreign country and not his own. Thatís why we Greek citizens demand the safe return of the marbles of Parthenon to our country. I hope you have understood why we consider that vital for us and I hope you will give them back so that we find our peace.

Theodora Padazopoulou

Dear friend from England,

Now with the opportunity that we have been chosen to organize and hold the Olympic Games of the year 2004 which is the worldís biggest athletic event I would like to inform you about a major (cultural) problem that concerns us for decades. Athens has been the oldest capital of the same country since antiquity. In this city the oldest civilization ever existed, met days of incredible glory. One of its most remarkable monuments is the Parthenon. It is a masterpiece created by the most eminent Greek architects of the time, named Ictinos and Kallicrates. Through the centuries our country has been conquered by the Romans and the Turks. During the Turkish occupation, due to the fact that the Turks were and have always been uncivilized, didnít respect the Parthenon and turned it into a musk and a part of it into ammunition storage space. The Parthenon suffered its greatest damage when one of Moroziniís shells went off in the ammunition warehouse and a big part of it was destroyed. Lord Elgin chose to transfer some pieces of the Parthenon to the British Museum "to save them from total destruction". Among these pieces are ÖÖÖÖÖ.. and a Caryatis Our country and especially the unforgettable Minister of Culture, Melina Mercouri, launched a campaign years ago with the aim of getting them back. These marbles are important to us because they are part of our national heritage. Therefore we want to make you understand that our demand is totally logical, because imagine how you would feel if at some difficult moment of your history we took your ancient monuments to our country. Now that the Olympic Games have returned back to their birthplace I take this opportunity to ask you to consider our demand with great sensitivity and make sure that the marbles of Parthenon will return to where they belong.

Andigoni Spyrou

7-2-98 Parthenon were builded at 438.This creation,which still exists,were constructed by two big architects.At Pericles time,when Athens were at a flourishing state.These were Iktimos and Kallikratis. Parthenon had many losses,before Elgin destroyed it almost at all.It was when Turks had their storehouses there,and a bomb explored and destroyed itís left part. Elgin at 1800 used to be the ambassador of England at Costantinoupole.He asked the permission from the sultan in order to copy the narbles of Parthen,but instead of copying them,he took pieces from this historical memorial.And because he didnít have specialized people who knew how to carry them,many of them were damaged.He took them and and they are at the museum of England. What Elgin did,wasnít right at all,because he insulted his country,while he was ambassador at such an important country like England. I believe that tese marbles should return to Greece as soon as possible.Because at the english museum they are isolated,but here in Greece they are with the whole memorial that were constracted then.These are not sust statues that appeared something,they are whole representations.And itís not right to such masterpieces from the country that gave birth to them. Elgin gave 73000 pounds in order to take them to England,but did he ever think if the money that greek gave and their difficulty to constract these,are the same with what he gave ,in order to take them and damage them ? These memorials show our civilization.They show how big and important ancient greek civilization and art were. I would like to ask them something. If somebody stole their kings crown in order to take it to his coyntry and felt proud of what he stole how would they feel ?Would they like to see masterpieces that their ancestors made,not being at their own museums ,but at a foreign coyntry. These memorials that are now at the English museum should be at Greece and all tempor people shoyld be affected by them at the place they were born and not to belong to the cold enviroment of a strange museum. They should return to their natural enviroment which is the museum of Acropolis,and they should stay there forever in order to remind to human beings the spirit of ancient greek. English men should relize that these memorials could not stay away from us. So,this is why all greek and especially we the yoyng shoyld take part in order to persuade not only the English men,but all civilized people that these memorials should return to Greece.

Iím writting to an Englishman in order to explain to him how important is to return the marbles of Parthenon to our country.

Dear Englisman and Englishwomen,

Iím a little Greek girl , and Iím writting to you in order to explain to you how important is to return the marbles of Parthenon to our country. The marbles that Lord Ellin stile from us. A teacher from our school, told us about the history of Parthenon and more about Acropolis.When I heard that a neighbour and a friend of ours stole some of our marbles Ifelt very sad.Many people from your country , come to visit Acropolis and itís museum.It would be better to return the marbles , so you can have a whole visit from Acropolis and itís memorials. Just imagine Big-Ben being your own Acropolis. Would it be nice if we stole it in order to put in our museums? Of cource no. So, I hope that I managed to persuade you to give as back our marbles. It would be honour for as . I hope you will hear me. A little Greek girl, ńŠŪŠÁ ňű„ťŪÔż from E Ď2 class.

Dear Sir

I would like to explain to you how important is to return to us the marble of Parthenon. These pieces of art belong to ancient Greece, they are classical and anybody can estimate their value. They should be at their place, where they were born and so difficult created. The marble that are at your coyntry, are these with out our wish, and for this they should be returned. I would like to persuade you, by inviting you to Greece, in order to visit Parthenon. You will realise the absence of these marbles from this terrific building. I would like you to take our part and agree with our efforts.

Piraeus 9/2/98

Dear Mr Emglishman

I dared to write to you because all Greek people and especially children would like you return to as the marb of Parthenon. Parthenon is for everyone a place of worshipping. Greek created it so I believe every piece of it should be at Greece.

Nobody can permit to a foreign count to own pieces of our inheritand. Many sculrtarw were looted and Mr Hold Elgim took pieces from the gable of the temple. Today they should be here . These sculptors are pieces from Greek civilization.

Everybody knows about the miracles of ancient Greek.

It is not right that tourists can admire the whole Parthenon here in Greece some marbles of it at England.

Many of them.

They will be confused and they wont be able to understand who made them. I dont think that you will feel proud if they say that you used to steel antiques.

Lord Elgin didnt respect our national inheritance. But I beliene that you are civilized and you will not keep them.

Please give us back these marbles.

They have historical and national importance for us.

ńŔ—Ń —Ń◊…Ŕ‘«


Topic:Ií m writing to an english man in order to explain to him how important is to return the marbles of Parthenon to our country. February 1998 Englishman Ií m writing to you in order to tell you that the marbles you stole from Parthenon should be returned,because they belong to civilization of Greece. Like the way you have your memorial and your sculptors ,and you want them,so we want the marbles of Parthenon and the statue of Kariatida.Ití s the wealth we inherited from our ancentors. How would you like it if someone stole the marbles and the sculptors you have inherited. You wouldní t like it. So we donít . Greek people fighted because they wanted to save us, the statues and the marbles of Parthenon. Now Parthenon is almost destroyed due to you, For this we beg you to return the marbles to their place, because these helped progress and tourism here in Greece.

Goodbye. Dear Sir, sculpure ųŮűůŚŽŚŲ‹ŪŰťŪÔű-golden ivory Iím sending you this letter in order to express something that has to be done. As you know, Parthenon is the temple of Athena. It is built in the highest point in the Acropoli, in Athens north to the ancient arkhaic temple.


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Country is not just the place we get born and brought-up, itís not just the natural view our mountains and sea, itís also our history. We are Greek and anyone can tell because of our language, of the way we live of course of the memorials that are left, and reminds us that other people with the same origin lived in the same place with us.

The memorials of the past are the treasure, the valuable jewel of every generation that likes to remember itís history, and doesnít despise it. They look like rings of a chain that connects past with present./ So, nobody has the right to cut this chain, to destroy or grab these treasures of the past and take them away from the place they belong.

Even if this happens, and somebody steals small or big memorials, despising by this way the history the country they belong, the descendants of this man should rectify. When you read and think what Iím writing to you, you younger Englishman, you can make the brave decision to fight with me, the Greek, in order the marbles of parthenon come back to their place.

Dear Sir, Iím a little student of the sixth class of secondary school. I donít have enough experience in my life , but I have a lot of love for the place I live and grow , this place is my lovely GREECE. Learning about the history and our civilization of ancient GREECE, I feel proud but there are some events that make me feel sad. One of these are the marbles of Parthenon , the well- known Elgin marbles that were stolen from Lord Th. Elgin and carried to the British museum at London at 1816. I have hopefull thoughts that these treasures of my country will return to the place they return. There have been many times efforts to set right this injustice. So, I wish we could cooperate in order to gain a good result and eventually return the marbles and the sculptures to their country like children return their motherís arms. Iím ending my letter and I apologise for my daring to keep you busy with my thoughts and my proposals . I would like you to think about them . A little boy from GREECE.

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