The Acropolis of Athens Sculptures
must return to Athens where they belong
by John Ferentinos Primary school teacher at the 24th Piraeus Primary School
and Dimitris M Psoras Primary school teacher at the 1st Piraeus teachers Office.

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A few words about our school Why in
and not in London

The teachers
who participated
in this attempt.

The Greek
The Kids said about it.

On February 2nd 1998, the fourth and fifth grade of our school, after visiting the «Studies Center» of Acropolis ascended to its Rock and they were also shown round to its monuments ( Parthenon, Erechthion, Propylea, Temple of Athena Niki ) and its museum. The teachers of our school after having acquainted the students of the fourth, fifth and sixth grade, with the history of the marbles and statues which were stolen and they ‘re now abroad, decided to have write a composition under the title: «I ‘m writing to an Englishman about the necessity of returning the marbles of Parthenon back to Greece» so as for them to be able to express their thoughts and points of view about such an important cultural issue. So we display here their compositions in Greek and English, hoping to provide the users of this net with useful information on this matter.

Respectfully yours

John Ferentinos



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