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Education of Repatriates

A Bilingual schools for repatriates Greek children.

For the normal incorporation of repatriated students to the Greek educational system and to cope with their language or other learning problems , some state schools for Greek children from abroad were established in Attica (2 Primary Schools , 2 secondary schools and 2 Lyceums ) , for repatriated students mainly from English-speaking countries.

There is also a Primary school a secondary school and a Lyceum in the prefecture of Salonica for children mainly from German-speaking countries.

For the enrollment of students in the above schools there are the same requirements as for enrollment in other state schools of Greece.


A list of schools for Greek children from abroad

Hellinicon Secondary School -Lyceum : 31st Street Number 8 , 16777 Hellinicon. Tel : 01/9626-606 (Secondary School ) 01/9626-716 (Lyceum)

Varibobi Secondary School-Lyceum : 2 Anemones Str. 13671 Varibobi, tel. : 01/6207-093 (Secondary School ) 01/6206-859 (Lyceum )

Amphithea Primary School : 3 Tirynthos Str. , 17565 Amphithea , P. Faliro , tel. 9423-118

Alsoupolis Primary School : 18 Eleftherias Str. And Rodon 14235 N.Ionia , tel. 01/2797-880

Thessaloniki Secondary School-Lyceum : 28 Apostolou Pavlou Str. 54634 Thessaloniki tel. 031/215-500 (Secondary School) 031/215-400 (Lyceum).

Thessaloniki Primary School : Kapatou and Galanaki Str. , Xirokrini 54629 Thessaloniki , tel. 031/529-932

Reception Classes and Tutorial Groups .

For repatriated students of Primary and Secondary education there are also reception classes and tutorial groups (Act 1894/90 article 2) which provide additional teaching help beyond the regular curriculum .

The distribution of these hours according to lesson as well as the hours of tutorial classes are determined by the teaching staff of the school .

Reception classes and tutorial groups are setup in primary and secondary state schools by decision of the local prefect and function on the responsibility of the local Administration Offices of Education .


For more information

Ministry of Education , Office of Reception classes and tutorial groups for repatriated children , 15 Ermou street , Athens tel. 3238580 3238523 3238380

Prefectural administration offices of Education



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