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The Hellenic educational system


You can have a full description of the Hellenic educational system, from Kindergarten to University and a historical reference about it,from Ancient Greece till now.

Τests,funny stories, paintings
educational games


From "Games and Tests" you can visit our "Test Galaxy"
read funny stories and draw some paintings
There are also "Educational Games" for all ages.



See all the Schools we know -till now- indexed by educational level- and -the best of all- add your school to the list and have a small Homepage.

The Teacher's "corner"


The "Teacher's corner" is a communication bridge between teachers around the world. From here people who participate in the educational progress, ie: pupils,teachers,high school teachers, school advisers, can exchange ideas, knowledge and opinions.



A page full of links to educational - and more- sites around the world.
We have links for libraries, museums educational resourcs
search engines TV and radio stations and more

The Pedia
mailing list


The main way of communication between teachers as well as anyone interested in Greek Education in Greece or abroad. From this list one can get information about “Pedia” news but also exchange ideas, knowledge and opinions on educational problems and the teaching process.

The Acropolis of Athens Sculptures
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